Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Learning Spread Trades: Update

In my previous post I outlined my trading plan for a stock spread: Long 12*UNH, Short 7*WLP.  I said I wanted to buy the spread for under $40 and sell around $53.

Well, I got in at $38.94 on 2/18, using a limit order at $39. I sold 2/22 for 61.14, using a $53 limit order. Both the long and short side of the trade were green.

The spread is looking a little overbought. I may even consider shorting it soon, maybe above $64. But for now, I can sit back and smile at a well executed plan.


Anonymous said...


that worked out perfect and better than I expected

Chris said...

I know, seriously, it was perfect. Good to learn without paying market tuition. I'll probably pay up on the next spread attempt.

Mike said...

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