Friday, December 3, 2010

$DECK the halls to the Shorts getting their faces ripped off, Including Me!

This is what my DECK short did to me this week. Ouch!

When you are certain the market or a stock is going one way, you get your head twisted around!
I screwed up this trade. Should've covered yesterday when it was in the 77's. Should not have added to it like I did. Broke some trading rules. The market gods punish you when you break rules. I didn't short DECK because I think UGGS are dumb, it was because of parabolic price and volume action.

UGGS are kind of a fad (with possible staying power) now, but I got my first pair of UGGS about 15 years ago. Surfers in Southern California found these shoe/boots to be perfect when getting out of the icy ocean after a winter surf.  Actually, a number of my friends had them. When you get out of the water with blue feet, then slip those squishy lambskin boots on, it's like a personal oven for your feet. If you ski or snowboard, these things are great after a long day on the mountain. Don't get me wrong, they do look foolish. I would never wear them with shorts. And I I'm not wearing them to dinner or the store. But for men, it is OK to wear them in certain situations. Maybe Tom Brady will make it OK to wear them in any situation. I'm interested to see how they market the product with Brady. Yes, they do have a perception of being girly, but they are functional.

I feel the pain of all the DECK shorts out there. And you can make fun of me for owning them and wearing them. I don't care.


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