Tuesday, November 30, 2010


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Michael Bigger over at Bigger Capital wrote on his blog about the idea of 'Flowing' while trading. Flow is an interesting and very real concept.  I feel compelled to write a little bit more than the comment I left on his blog below.

"Flow is a state of heightened mental alertness where we are most productive. There is a sense of serenity and calmness about our work. We see tremendous results to our efforts and everything seems to fit into place. Time appears to slow down as our decision-making ability is running at full speed and efficiency. When I am in the flow [going movie reference here], I feel like Neo from the Matrix, when he finally 'gets it' and stops those bullets mid-flight. He's fighting Mr. Anderson in semi-slow motion, always 1 to 2 moves ahead. That is full flow! The hardest part about achieving flow is replicating that feeling on a consistent basis. Mr. Bigger had touched on what we need to do to reach consistent flow in many of his blog posts. I believe consistent flow can be achieved through constant practice and attention. But not just regular practice, deep practice as described in Daniel Coyle's book The Talent Code. We all have the talent, but it must be cultivated through deep practice. Thanks for your insights Michael, now time to create some flow."

Flow is energy. Flow is rhythm. Good rhythm breeds positive results. Being in tune with one's self and his/her personal ambitions generates the proper environment to create wonderful flow. Flow can be applied to everything we do. I work hard to generate flow on the basketball court, working my other job as a CPA, trading stocks, and even playing video games.
Flow is an intangible concept that can lead to tangible results. Achieving flow is difficult in of itself, but I believe maintaining flow is even harder. It is a constant work in progress that cannot be left alone. Flow comes and goes, but why? We must be more self-aware of how we act and re-act to situations. Become mentally (even at a subconscious level) in tune with your environment and create a breeding ground for flow.


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